XIA LUXE was founded in 2023.

"Xiomara always had dreams of having her own business where she could help other people. Among her options she always longed for a clothing store, although she does not deny that she saw the opportunity as very far away and almost impossible, but it was still her option. A few months ago some changes happened where it seemed to be the opportunity she had been waiting for so long. She was very afraid, she wondered what could go wrong, how to know what would happen if she didn't try. Her husband was a fundamental part in her decision his words was "do it, we will do what we have to do, you can do it." she was terrified of not having the knowledge, resources or contacts. Some special friends told her to do it.


We want to inspire you with our styles and for our team to help you select what you need. Dress for that day with friends, casual, cozy day at home and more. May you feel confident in yourself, so powerful and unstoppable that you can make your dreams come true and live the life you want.

Each person must treat themselves as a priority.


We will work on trendy, simple and seasonal styles. The sizes vary between ONE-SIZES, SMALL to LARGE. Don't let this stop you from keeping up to date with our products. This adventure is just the beginning. XIA LUXE has many plans and a lot to offer you.

We are located in Kissimmee Florida. We will offer shipping to Puerto Rico and the United States. We will be available to attend events, pop-ups and more. If you want to have us on your event contact us.

We hope you can enjoy our versatile styles and love them as much as we do.